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Staff Team

Stoke Damerel Primary Academy has a dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to ensuring the children receive the best possible education. The staffing structure of the school is designed to ensure excellent leadership and management as well as the highest quality teaching and learning.



Samantha  Smith


Deputy  Headteacher

Annie Blackie


Assistant Headteacher

Michele Loaring



Isla Ellis


Year 6 Teachers

Nicky Whitby

Josh Frame

Jennie Hartley


Key Stage 2 Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mark Riley

Tina Roden


Year 5 Teachers

Caroline Quest

James Allington

Ben Simmons


Year 5 Teaching Assistants

Lucy Griffiths

Sue Abrahamson


Year 4 Teachers

Phil Nugent

Maisie Flooks


Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Katie Maguire



Year 3 Teachers

Amanda Barnett

Jane Roberts


Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Carolyn Miller

Annette Thomas


Year 2 Teachers

Fiona Brent

Kayley Smith


Year 2 Teaching Assistants

Allison Flack

Jackie Horswell


Year 1 Teachers

Lucy Kemp

Samantha Lampard


Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Amanda Symons


 Key Stage 1 and EYFS Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Jane Full

Hayley Easterbrook

Roz Luton


Foundation Teachers

Michele Loaring

Andrew Beasley


Foundation Teaching Assistant

Lyndsey Fisher



Sharon Cantrell


Office Staff

Tina Boon

Gemma Sechatis


Caretaker/Lollipop Attendant 

Nigel Sawyer


Mealtime Assistants

Miss S Brooks Mortimer

Miss L Crooks

Mrs L Dickson

Miss M Foster

Miss A Lucas

Mrs J Masson

Mrs C Matchett

Mrs J Pengelly

Mrs M Gilbert

Mrs N Walklin

Mrs K Roberts

Mr D Whifford