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At Stoke Damerel Primary Academy we have adopted a whole school approach to behaviour which looks to enhance self-esteem and positive behaviour as well as relationships within the school and beyond. 


The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules are the key to our whole school behaviour approach. They outline behaviours that show respect and caring towards one another and represent a moral code covering respect for myself, respect for others and respect for property. 


The Golden Rules are:


We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We are honest

We work hard

We look after property

We listen to each other


The Learning League


The School Learning League are characters based upon five principle learning behaviours:


  • Motivation
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills
  • Managing Feelings


These behaviours provide the basis of the school PSHE curriculum ‘Jigsaw’ and is embedded throughout the general school curriculum ‘International Primary Curriculum’.


Captain Conscious – Self-Awareness

He can make good choices, he knows what he is good at, he understands how his feeling affect the choices he makes.



Doctor Empathy – Empathy

She understands the thoughts and feelings of others, she supports others even when she hasn’t done so well herself, she helps her friends.



Miss Motivator – Motivation

She keeps going even when she finds things tricky, she knows what she wants to achieve and how to get there, she looks back at hr work to see how she can make it better.



Respectful Rex – Managing Feelings

He knows if his actions have hurt others, he can take turns and share with his friends, he can change uncomfortable feelings



The Damerels – Social Skills

They find ways to solve problems by working as a team, they are polite and helpful.



Jigsaw Circle Time

Circle Time is a class meeting which involves the whole class sitting in a circle once a week to look at issues relating to personal, social and moral education. This takes place within our Jigsaw PSHE lessons. These meetings aim to encourage the development of positive relationships, self-discipline, conflict resolution, assertive communication and democratic group processes alongside the skills of speaking, listening, observing, thinking and concentrating.


Positive behaviour expectations 

There is an expectation that all members of the academy community will exhibit certain standards of behaviour.  Pupils are expected to show good manners towards staff and each other and treat all staff with respect.  When these rules are abided by, students will receive rewards, these are outlined below: 





Marbles ‘The sound of a good choice’

 – Children earn marbles in class for following the golden rules. These are added into a class ‘pot’ which earns the children time when the jar is full-  ‘sound of a good choice treat’. This is an educational enrichment activity

Given in class for examples for following the golden rules

Answering quickly in mental oral starter. 

Imaginative response in speaking and listening


Individual points.

Certificates awarded in assembly  in 50 dojo increments 

Learning behaviour noted – 1pt

Silver on behaviour chart – 3pts

Gold on behaviour chart – 5pts + team points + ticket home

Students earn Dojo points for learning behaviours and academic achievement




Social Skills

Managing Feelings

Showing good choices linked to learning behaviours

Learning League Awards

Stickers/badges awarded when the pupils show the characteristics/ skills described by the stickers 

To reward strong/ consistent learning behaviours linked to the learning behaviours of:




Social Skills

Managing Feelings

Outstanding learning behaviours

Golden Ticket Home. 

Given by the class teacher. Child gets a golden ticket to take home and share with parents/carers

Reward consistent good work/behaviour

When a student works towards Gold on the class chart. 

Good pieces of work 

Good behaviour for an individual

Star of the week 

One student per class to receive certificate and recognition in assembly

To reward the outstanding effort by a student

Outstanding learning behaviours linked to 5 learning behaviours.




Social Skills

Managing Feelings