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Phonics Screening

Phonics Screening Check

All Year 1 children will be taking the Phonics Screening Check in the Summer term. 
We already have detailed assessments of your child's phonics ability so this will not tell us anything new but is a check to ensure that your child is working at a nationally agreed age appropriate standard.




How will the phonics screening be administered?


Each child is taken through the screening check by a teacher on a 1:1 basis. This will be in a quiet area and there is not a time limit.

Will we be told about our child’s results?


The results of the check will be issued in the end of year reports. The pass mark in previous years has been 32 out of 30. Any children who do not reach the pass mark will do the assessment again Year 2. 


How will the children know which words are ‘alien’ (nonsense) words?

The made-up ‘alien’ words are always presented with a picture of an alien, so the children know that they are not real words that they might recognise. They are very familiar with this concept.


How can we support our child out of school?

Support your child by sharing their Read Write Inc reading books at home and practice red words, green words and unknown sounds. Read as much as possible to and with your child.

A great website for phonic games is: 



Further information can be found here: