School Logo




Stoke Damerel Primary Academy’s curriculum really does bring to life our logo and motto: 

Dream Big, Achieve Together. 


“Everyone – staff and pupils – know that there is a clear vision for the future,”

OfSTED September 2021.


If you consider our curriculum as a tree of learning, its foundation comprises of three key roots:

  1. Developing the child as a learner 
  2. Developing the whole child
  3. Developing the core skills 


We believe that these roots anchor the learner and allow their tree of learning to develop from an emerging sapling into a strong and mighty oak.  If each subject forms a branch of the tree, consider the leaves as the knowledge, which flourish on them, as they move through our school.



Our curriculum is, in part, drawn from the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum for Key Stage One and Two. Through our curriculum design, we achieve full coverage of the statutory requirements, as one would expect.  However, a well- planned enrichment timetable - consisting of trips, residentials, visitors and community involvement - really brings a pupil’s learning to life.


“Leaders have made strong links with parents and carers, and with local clubs and activities,”

OfSTED September 2021.


We are strongly committed to providing significant opportunities for all pupils to master core skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics from an early age and do so by timetabling daily phonics, reading, writing and mathematics sessions.


Reading is a strength of the school,”

OfSTED September 2021.


“Teaching of phonics is of a high quality,”

OfSTED September 2021.



We also use a thematic approach to learning, based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).  This includes the study of art, history, music, international understanding, geography, design technology and innovation, international understanding and health and well-being. This approach engages with children’s natural curiosity and develops their understanding of life in different cultures.


“Pupils are articulate and confident to discuss and debate. This becomes more

sophisticated as pupils move through the school,”

OfSTED September 2021.



Subjects which naturally sit outside of the cross-curricular IPC units follow their own schemes:

  • Physical Education: REAL PE
  • PSHEE:  Jigsaw
  • Computing: Teach IT
  • Languages:  Language Angels
  • Forest Schools: a bespoke curriculum, specific to our location
  • Religious Education:  Plymouth Agreed Syllabus.


“The school sits in extensive, grassed grounds with some neighbouring woodlands.

Staff maximise the use of these for pupils’ learning and exercise. This is a distinctive

feature of the school,”

OfSTED September 2021.