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Year 3

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~ September 2020 ~



Class Teacher: Jane Roberts

Teaching Assistant: Jackie Horswell



Class Teacher: Caroline Quest (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Class Teacher: Annie Blackie (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Allison Flack


Welcome to Year 3. Here you will find everything you and your parents need to know about your year group. Below you will find links to homework, letters and announcements, PE and our class blog and gallery. 


This year, we have the most wonderful learning planned for you and your Year 3 friends.  During this term, we are going to be top scientists, as we find out all about how we learn, in a project called ‘Brainwaves’ and all about our bodies, in ‘How Humans Work’.


After half term, we will be moving on to some learning involving computing.  After that, we are turning into geographers and investigating Island Life, which will look at habitats and water.


In the New Year, we will turn our focus to history and learn about Scavengers and Settlers: the Stone Age to the Iron Age.


Following the half term break, in February, we will carry out a country study of France, in a sequence of lessons titled Bienvenue en France.


In our penultimate term, after the Easter holiday, we will turn our attentions back towards science, in two blocks of learning: Shake It (material) and Feel the Force.


Our amazing year concludes with the wonderful learning chapter called Gateway to the World, which looks at making journey and airlines.  Again this will focus on using our ICT and computing skills.


Alongside these major blocks, you will be immersing yourselves in some wonderful books, including: Gorilla, The Legend of Spud Murphy; The Mousehole Cat, Belonging, Where the Forest Meets the Sea; Ug – Boy Genius; Pebble in My Pocket; Lion in Paris; Ice Palace; Hot Like Fire; Gregory Cool and a nonfiction text linked to travel.


In the second term, we also hope, in some way, to perform a Pantomime, with the Year 4 children.  This will most likely be in a virtual form.


When it is your PE lesson day, you may come to school in your PE kits. The Year 3 PE day is Monday afternoon, for both classes.