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Writing activities are being set for every day. There will be a link to a video, in which we have recorded a lesson that will teach your child what to do that day. They will need to pause the video and do an activity, then restart it when they have finished the activity, and so on until the last slide. You can review the video, if you wish, to help with understanding.


They should take approximately 1 hour each day. Some children will work faster and some will be slower.

It is important that the children take care with their handwriting and think about their spelling, as this is their school work. But, we are not expecting perfect spelling, so please don't be too hard on them! We just expect them to spell words that they SHOULD know from year one, two and their new year 3/4 words to be correct. They can check the spelling sheets in the folders in this section or ones that they have brought home.


On Monday, your child will need their pen (biro), a pencil, a rubber, colouring pencils, a ruler and their working from home book. If you have mislaid their working from home book, please email their class teacher and we will organise a replacement.


The work that we are setting is the same as they would have done in school this term, just simplified so that you can help them to access it. We hope that they have fun doing the various activities!  


We will be asking for photographs/scans or videos of activities so that we can monitor that the work is being completed and to their usual standard.


Have a great time learning from home!