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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

                    Verona                                Elsinore                         Dunsinane            

     Class Teacher: Jennie Hartley               Class Teacher: Nicky Whitby           Class Teacher: Josh Frame



Hello Year 6s, 


It is your last day of primary school. Many of you are at home and some of you are in school. Wherever you are, we hope that you are celebrating and feel proud of what you have achieved at Stoke Damerel Primary Academy. 


You have made us laugh, cry and sometimes shout but we wouldn't have changed our time with you for anything. 


Please enjoy your summer holidays safely and remember to let us know how you get on at your new schools. For now, we present your Year 6 Leavers Production!


Mr Frame, Miss Hartley and Mrs Whitby :) 


Year 6 sing Times Like These

Year 6 sing Times Like These 2020

Year 6 2020 Leavers - Then and Now

Grenville House residential

Take a trip down memory lane when Miss Hartley spent most of the week in a cave while Mr Nugent, Mrs Whitby and Mr Frame enjoyed watching seals from the canoe and playing on the beach.