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Reading: Children should read at home everyday for at least 15-30 minutes.We check reading books regularly and the children change books when needed. Please bring reading books and reading records to school every day.


Homework: Year 6 homework is sent home on a Friday. This needs to be completed and handed in on the following Wednesday. The homework consists of spellings, made up from the Year 6 spelling pattern requirements; Maths linked to the weekly topic and English home work as required. 



P.E: Year 6 have one P.E session on a Thursday afternoon. Children should have the appropriate PE kit in school at all times. Please make sure it is clearly labelled.  



Contacting your child’s teacher: There is always someone available at the end of the day for a brief chat. We are always happy to arrange a time to talk if more time is needed.

Please see the Powerpoint below for more information.

This term Year 6 have been having great fun in our IPC topic 'Bake it'! Our learning began by attempting a Great British Bake Off style technical challenge in which we had to produce a perfect bread roll with minimal instructions. It's safe to say the results were a mixed batch - excuse the pun. 

Through the rest of the unit, we explored the science processes behind bread making in particular the importance of the yeast as well as how butter is made. Finally, we designed a new Christmas sandwich to fil a gap in the market identified through our careful research. We had another go at baking our bread using all that we had learnt and also used the butter we made alongside a range of festive inspired ingredients. It's safe to say that we all rose to the occasion and produced some truly remarkable sandwiches which even Paul Hollywood would be proud of. 


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Grenville House residential

Dear parents,

We've arrived. 

The children arrived just before lunch. Their first job was to make their beds ..... this was rather fun!

After lunch,  the children were split up into their groups. There were a range of activities this afternoon, including Coasteering, Raft building, Canoeing and Caving. The children had a wonderful time and are now showered, ready for tonight's evening meal.

We will start blogging soon, so watch this page. We will add photographs as we go along. 

Best Wishes

Mrs Whitby, Mr Frame, Miss Hartley, Mr Nugent and Mrs Blackie [Who enjoyed caving immensely!] 

Today I did caving. It was so much fun. The best part was sliding down the muddy rocks into puddles! I also enjoyed my pasta bolognese so much, I had seconds!!


This afternoon I had lots of fun building rafts. We did build he same type of raft. When we had finished building our rafts, we sailed them across the harbour. We also jumped off the raft into the water. It was so much fun!


This afternoon , I went  canoeing with my group . We saw a really fat seal attempting to get on to the rocks . We also had a really nice dinner. I had macaroni and cheese . For dessert I had some fudge pie thingy, which filled me up quite a bit . The coach journey was really tiring , I nearlly fell asleep! THANKS FOR READING 


Today, was great! We went Coasteering. Coasteering is when you go rock climbing and jumping in the sea . The sea wasn't cold but we did have wetsuit on. I'm sure if you didn't have a wetsuit, it would be very cold . Tonight, we are going to watch Holes it's a book we have been reading at school, so far it's really good but a bit cruel .The food here is really good but not better than my Mum's and Dads! Ok well I'm going to go now and go have more fun! 


Hello it is Ellis we are on our last day on the trip and I am so sad we are leaving.The most difficult thing was the caving.We had to go threw the smallest holes in the world ! It is so fun I went through the cheese grater.The cheese grater is a small hole that you go threw and at the end you're in puddle.The trip has been amazing!

By Ellis




Hi, I'm Joseph. I am also sad that we're leaving. I really enjoyed the trip. On Thursday, I did the high ropes but i'm not good with heights. The course went REALLY high and I finished it but then I had to do the leap of faith. It's a long,wobbly pole that you have to jump off! When I got to the top, I looked down and saw how scary it was. Everyone said to jump and when I finally did it I realised it wasn't that scary. I have to go.



Hi, I'm Sam. I'm quite sad that we are leaving. the most challenging activity was high ropes and coasteering. Since on the high ropes I'm afraid of heights, it was a big challenge to do the scary jump on the leap of faith. Coasteering was challenging because the sea's waves were rough and exciting.

by Samuel



Hi, I'm Jack. I've really enjoyed being at Grenville House because the activities were so fun. The best activity was high ropes because we had to climb up this ladder to do a rope kind of thing which was extremely high. I also really enjoyed canoeing because seals were chasing us where ever we went. When we were jumping the seals were swimming with us   

by Jack


Thanks to all the staff at Grenville house outdoor education centre for the amazing,fun activities.The caving was so much fun (this was by far my one of my favourite activities) Owen and I loved the tiny spaces . Coner over come his fear of water when coastering he swam with some help

over all. Thank you Grenville.  

from Angus.


As I type, the children are preparing for their final activity.  We are very proud of all their efforts and determination to try new activities and their determination to succeed.

We are sure they will all tell you about their best bits and we are equally sure they will all sleep well tonight!

Thank you for lending us your children for the week.

Mrs Whitby, Mr Nugent, Mr Frame, Miss Hartley, Miss Cole, Miss Holt and Miss Williams.