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Welcome to Year 6

                    Verona                                Elsinore                         Dunsinane            

     Class Teacher: Jennie Hartley               Class Teacher: Nicky Whitby           Class Teacher: Josh Frame

1st June 2020 - Week 8 of Home Learning

Hello you lovely bunch! 

It is another week of home learning. Some of you may be feeling a bit tired and exhausted - and that's just your parents! Only kidding! Please make sure you are taking care of yourself first :)

Please email Miss Hartley with any pictures you would like included in the gallery or any work you would like to share.

Please look after yourselves and stay safe and well. 

Jennie Hartley, Josh Frame and Nicky Whitby



Please see below information reagrding the leavers hoodies.


Grenville House residential

Take a trip down memory lane when Miss Hartley spent most of the week in a cave while Mr Nugent, Mrs Whitby and Mr Frame enjoyed watching seals from the canoe and playing on the beach.