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       Atlantis                                                 Treasure Island

Class teacher:  Phil Nugent                                                      Class teacher: Maisie Flooks                                               

Teaching Assistant: Katie Maguire                                           Teaching Assistant: Gordana Webster

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend!


We hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and that you managed to dodge the showers.

There are a few changes that we need to make you aware of. Both of us are now teaching full-time in Edu Care classrooms in school. This means that we will not be available to answer emails during the day. If you have anything that you need to ask then Mrs Ellis will be the teacher on hand.

She can be contacted through email or by using the feedback form below.

However, we will still be taking care of the Year 4 home learning, including planning the learning, making videos etc. Please feel free to send Mr Nugent any pictures of writing or fun activities that your children might wish to share on the website. 

Mr Nugent's email remains -


The usual Home Learning is in place, ready for you to complete in this week's folder.

We have finished the curriculum for this year. There are only two lessons left in the book and we taught Roman Numerals earlier in the year.  Please feel free to use these lessons as refreshers if you wish. We have decided to give out arithmetic practice for the next two weeks. This will set the children up nicely for Year 5. Reading  and Grammar will continue as usual, using  the Scholastic National Curriculum Practise Book for Year 4.

 We will continue to provide the best home learning package that we can. We miss the children and feel increasingly sad that we are not able to see all of the children.

We would like to say that we are really proud of your children and impressed at the way that you are continuing to deal with this difficult situation. Please keep it up. Everything that you are able to do at home will make life easier for the children when they do return to school.


Have a lovely week and please continue to stay safe,

Best wishes

Phil Nugent and Maisie Flooks




Year 4 support

Please fill in the form below and we shall reply as soon as we can. Take care, Year 4 team

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