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Year 4

Thursday 2nd of May 2019  

Esmae, Josie,Brya and Lexi

First we woke up and had our breakfast together, we had a full English breakfast .Next everyone had to go upstairs to get ready for our first activity. After that we went outside and we went on a coach to see where we were going. As soon as we got off the coach we had to walk to a big lake. We then got into 3 groups and then we went off to do canoeing, kayaking or raft building. Lexi was very scared at first doing the canoeing but after a while it was great fun. Esmae was freezing at the end even tho   she had a wet suit on and had had great fun. Brya did a lot of screaming because she didn’t know how to use the paddle. Josie screamed a lot because she was scared but enjoyed it!

We are all showered and fed and some of us are colouring and having a mini disco while the others are watching a dvd.

See you all tomorrow.


Oh my, the children must be tired as they are all asleep 10.20 smiley

Friday 3rd May

The children had a fantastic morning, all were busy doing activities before having lunch and returning home.

Year 4 were a credit to Stoke Damerel, they all worked together as a team and their behaviour  was fantastic.

Well done Year 4.

Wednesday 1st May

We arrived at about 12.00 and had to carry our bags from the coach to the hostel. Some struggled to carry their bags so may have developed more muscles!

We found our rooms and sorted our beds then had our lunch outside. We then got split up into 4 different groups and then we started our activities.


I really enjoyed it and everybody got an arrow on the board.


Jakub, Oscar W, Jamie and Finlay.

This afternoon we did archery and had to try and pop the balloons on the target. We also went on the low ropes and it was a long track and then we had a competition. On the low ropes it wasn’t about winning it was about team work.

Lexie M and Brya

We have been lucky in our room as we have en-suite with bunkbeds and a double bed in our room, poor old Miss Kemp and Miss O’ Neil have one set of bunk beds!!!


We are waiting now to have roast chicken for our dinner before we do some team building tonight.


The children have had a wonderful night doing team building games, time is now 10.30 all children are asleep awaiting a fun day on the water tomorrow.

Pictures in gallery.  


Welcome to Year 4

4B                                                                              4K

Class teacher: Mrs A Barnett                                             Class teacher: Miss L Kemp

Teaching Assistant: Miss A Flack.                                     Teaching Assistant: Mrs AThomas


Reading: We ask children to read at home at least three times a week. As they are now Year 4 we expect them to write a small comment in their reading diary, sharing some of the things they have learned about the book. This needs to be initialed by an adult. We change books when needed and ask that all reading diaries are brought to school every day.



Homework: Year 4 homework is set and sent home on a Friday. This needs to be completed and handed in on the following Wednesday. The homework consists of 15 spellings made up of the Year 3/4 common exception words from the national curriculum and some words that are frequently misspelled; handwriting practice to accompany the spellings and an English or Maths task.


P.E: Year 4 have P.E sessions on a Tuesday morning. This is taught by

qualified sports coaches and is split into two sessions. One session in

the hall which can be dance or gymnastics and a session outside learning

many different sports and invasion games. We ask that

P.E kits are left in school for the term as there are times when

we may have an additional P.E session or a change to the

timetabling of the P.E session.




Contacting your child’s teacher: If you feel you need to talk to your child’s teacher please come to the classroom door at the end of the day. If the timing is not convenient please do not hesititate to contact the office to make an appointment.




WORLD BOOK DAY. Today we took part in world book day and dressed up as detectives to solve the Mystery of the Golden Pen. A big thank you to all our parents and carers for supporting us with amazing costumes.