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My name is James Allington and I lead the subject of Mathematics across our school.  In this role, I have a strategic overview of this subject and regularly liaise with teachers, in all year groups, to ensure that your child has a rich and exciting experience of Mathematics.  I also coordinate whole-school, ‘one off’ events, linked to mathematical celebration.  


Below you will find a lot of information about your child’s journey through our school as a mathematician. 


If you have any questions about this subject, or have relevant expertise that you feel you could offer, then please do not hesitate in contacting me:  

Here you will find my Intent, Implementation and Impact statement for Mathematics.

Here you will find my Mathematics Route Planner for 2023-2024, where you can find both the name of the unit being learnt and the term in which it will be taught.

Here you will find my Progression of Skills, Knowledge and Understanding document, which will allow you to see how your child will develop, as a mathematician, as they move through our school.

Here you will find out calculation policy, which will show you the methods of calculation that we use at each stage of learning.