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Developing The Whole Child

At Stoke Damerel, we are passionate about the development of the whole child, both as an individual and as a learner. The roots of our curriculum aim to equip children with the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the 21st century. As a school, we promote the key skills and attitudes below which will help children become life-long learners and succeed in the future. These are embedded in our curriculum and celebrated and developed in all classes and in our wider community. 


The roots of our curriculum 


If the subjects and knowledge of our curriculum are the branches and leaves of knowledge, the key skills can be seen as the roots which underpin that knowledge.  


Our curriculum has three key roots 


Key competencies – Developing the child as a learner 


What does this mean?


  • Visible learning
  • Assessment for learning
  • Meta cognition
  • IPC Brainwaves unit 
  • Children owning their learning
  • Success criteria
  • Assessment and Marking Policy 


Personal development – Developing the whole child


What does this mean?


  • Feeling safe 
  • Relationships within school
  • Community – working with families 
  • Self-development 
  • PSHE – Jigsaw 
  • Clear behaviour systems 


Key skills – Developing the core skills 


What does this mean?


  • High quality reading, writing and mathematics curriculum, teaching and learning
  • High quality books to support learning
  • Reading, writing and maths across the curriculum
  • Discrete computing lessons and computing within other subjects