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Our Eggs have arrived.

Day 1: We have 8 eggs in our incubator and are expecting them to start hatching on Wednesday or Thursday. We will keep everyone updated with their progress. It's really eggciting.

Day 2

Day 2 : One of our eggs is starting to hatch. Hopefully we will have a little chick in the morning. 

Day 3. Two eggs have hatched


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Over night, two of our eggs have hatched. Hopefully we will see some more hatch during the day. 

Day 4

Day 4 saw the safe arrival of 3 more chicks. They are all different breeds so lots of variety of colour. The children sit and watch them and are asking lots of questions.

Day 5 Two more chicks have hatched overnight.

Day 5. We will put these little ones in to the brooder pen today to run around with the 4 others. We now have 6 chicks. They are very noisy at times. 

Day 8. Returned to school after a weekend at Hotel Lampard

Today the rest of the school got to meet the baby chicks. Everyone has fallen in love with them. 

The chicks are already starting to get their little feathers on their wings.

Day 10 Cuddles with the chicks

Today we sat in a circle and let some of the chicks have a wander over our hands. We had to make sure we washed our hands carefully after holding them as some of them did a poo on the floor.

Day 11. We say goodbye today to our beautiful chicks.

Today our little chicks will be collected and returned to the farm. They are now trying to fly and taking pictures is proving quite challenging when they are trying to escape at the same time.