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Autumn 2 - The Story of English

The Story of English is about how the English language came to be and how it spread so widely across the globe.

Here are resources from BBC Bitesize - British History.


Week 1 (1.11) - Beowulf

Watch the story of Beowulf on the BBC and complete one of the following:

1) Write the next installment in the Beowulf saga.

2) Create a comic book retelling the story of Beowulf.


Week 2 (8.11) - Anglo-saxons, Vikings and Normans oh my!

Choose one of the above settlers in England and research what they contributed to modern day Britain. Create a poster about them and their contribution to Britain.


Week 3 (15.11) - Famous British Person

Research a famous British person (in school we will be focussing on 17th Century scientist) and create a biography or fact file about their life and their greatest contribution to society. Here is BBC Bitesize - Famous British People.


Week 4 (22.11) - The British Empire

If you can, locate a blank world map and identify the countries that were once part of the British Empire. Research the British Empire and choose a country to research and find out how Britain impacted their way of life.


Week 5 (29.11) - The American Revolution

Create a timeline of events of the American Revolution. Research and compare British English language and American English language including spellings. What is the same and what is different between the two?


Week 6 (6.12) - Languages

How important is language to identity? How can we communicate across the world?

Choose a word and find out how it is pronounced and spelt in at least 5 different languages. Is there anything similar about it? If there is anything similar, why do you think that is? Are the countries close together?


Week 7 (13.12) - Christmas

Return to your learning about the British Empire and choose a country that was once a part of the British Empire. Look into how the country celebrates Christmas (if at all) and find a recipe for a festive treat they eat during Christmastime or during one of their own countries celebrations.