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Day 5: Last Day - Orienteering and Abseiling

An evening stroll around the harbour

Day 2: abseiling, beach study, high ropes and water activities

We have arrived at Grenville - Today was: high ropes, kayaking and raft building!

My group when kayaking on plastic boat-like things! We went aorund the harbour but it was too windy at one point so we can back the way we came. On our way around, we saw seals – they were lying around but two young pups were play fighting next to my kayak! I found the experience quite scary and don’t think I’d do it again. I was happy that I gave it a go. – Jessica


Today, I built a raft! We were given wooden poles, blue barrels and different lengths of string. I learnt how to do a reef knot which made the poles and barrels extra tight. After we built the raft, we had to carry our raft down the slip way and into the water and take it for a spin. While out on the water, we had a race against Mr Frame’s raft – Mr Frame’s team won It was so much fun and I would definitely do it again. I’m really looking forward to abseiling later in the week. – Sienna


My first activity at Grenville was the high ropes. At first, I was really nervous to do it but when I started climbing, I felt better about it. When I got to the top of the pole, we had to do the leap of faith where we jumped and grabbed onto a bar in the air! It sounds worse than you actually think. We watched Ms Flack and Mrs Blackie do the leap of faith too - it was really exciting watching our teachers be scared. They did a great job. - Mia

After writing such incredible soliloquies based upon Macbeth we decided to channel our inner thespian and perform them in the forest school area.

Macbeth: Soliloquy Publications

Being Human - Homework

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The Human Body - Homework

Learning From Home - Autumn Term 1