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Year 6 Writing - Monday 8th February - To identify the features of poetry

Miss Hartley recaps the features of poetry we have already looked at and introduces some more features for you to find in the poem, Creature Great and Small.

Click on the images to enlarge them and see the poem, Creatures Great and Small.

Year 6 Writing - Tuesday 9th February - To conduct research

In order to write your poem about an animal, you need to research and observe it! Miss Hartley talks you through the task and where you should get started on...

Year 6 Writing - Wednesday 10th February - To write a poem

Miss Hartley tells you Michael Rosen's top tips for writing poetry and show you how you can manipulate your idea to fit into the style of the poem, Creatures...

Thursday 11th February - To practise performing my poetry using volume, tone and intonation.


Just like we did with our suspense stories, you need to practise reading your poem and think about how you can use and change your voice to add to the meaning. Rather than listen to Miss Hartley ramble on, lets listen to a professional writer who has spent his life performing his writing, Michael Rosen. 

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories

YUM! Get your copy of Chocolate Cake: author and master storyteller Michael Rosen shares his top tips on how to bring a story...

Friday 12th February - To perform my poetry.


There is a live lesson beginning at 10:45 today on Teams. We will go into breakout groups and share our poetry with others. Please come along - it would be great to see you before half term!