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Year 6 Writing - Monday 18th January - To summarise events using a timeline

Miss Hartley recaps what happened in the first part of Clockwork and then reads the second part.

Year 6 Writing - Tuesday 19th January - To identify the features of suspense writing

Miss Hartley goes through examples of good suspense writing and then it is your turn to have a go before the main write on Thursday!

Year 6 Writing - Wednesday 20th January - To sequence events

Miss Hartley leaves you on a cliff-hanger and it is up to you to sequence what happens next in the story!

Year 6 Writing - Thursday 21st January - To create suspense in my writing

Miss Hartley talks about how to achieve the success criteria for your writing this week plus takes you through a WAGOLL.

Year 6 Writing - Friday 22nd January - To perform using volume, tone and intonation

Miss Hartley reads the rest of the story and then it is up to you to practise reading and performing your suspense writing. We'd love for you to send in a vo...