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Year 3 - Monday 18th January - To learn about commands.

Year 3 - Writing -Tuesday 19th January 2021 - To write instructions.

Today you will start a two day project to write instructions about how to play a game in the Stone Age.
Have a look at the WAGOLL of instructions to my game too.

Wednesday 20th January 2021 Finishing and editing your game instructions.

When you have finished your game instructions, please send a photo or scan of your writing on the Teams, English assignment for today. A photo of your game would be good too! Or send via email.

Year 3 - Writing - To find similarities and differences . Thursday 21st January

Today you will be thinking about the similarities and differences between the modern age and the Stone Age.
You may print the Double Bubble sheet below.

Double bubble sheet for printing if you wish.

Year 3 - Writing - To explain the meaning of words. Friday 22nd January 2021

You will be writing definitions of modern things.
When you have finished your definitions, please send a photo or scan on Teams, English assignment, for marking.