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Year 3 Writing activity - Monday 11th January

An introduction to our new book. Look out for my mistake on the first timeline slide. If your birthday was put on a timeline with 1cm per year, then your birthday would be 7 or 8cm along, Not 12 or 13cm!

Tuesday 12th January- To respond to illustrations.

Today we will be reading the beginning of the story and looking at how it is set out.

Wednesday 13th January - To describe characteristics.

Today we will be describing the characters in the book.
Afterwards, answer the question on Teams.

Thursday 14th January - To plan a cookery show.

in this lesson you will be practising and performing a Stone Age cookery show. Then writing down what you are going to say and do in the show.

Friday 15th January - To finish writing and perform a Stone Age cookery show.

A re-cap about finishing yesterday's script, performing and recording your show.
Afterwards, send a close-up photo or scan of your writing to your teacher.
If you wish, you can send a video of your performance to put on the website.