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Year 6 - Writing - Mon 11th Jan 2021 - To collect evidence

Miss Hartley reads pages 7 - 21 of Clockwork. After, you need to read the text and retrieve words that describe Karl or infer information about Karl based on...

Monday's work should be completed in your exercise books. We would love for you to share some good ideas with us. Log on to Teams and post them in your group so others can see!

Year 6 - Writing - Tues 12th Jan 2021 - To illustrate a character

Miss Hartley reads to the end of page 45. You then need to illustrate a picture of Karl. Use the information we find out about his character to inform your c...

Tuesday's illustration should be completed in your exercise books or on plain paper (if available). You could always take a picture of your illustration and share it with your group on Teams or your parents can email your teacher. It might help inspire others!

Year 6 Writing - Wednesday 16th January - Idea collection

Miss Hartley takes you through different sentence types. Today, you assignment needs to be completed and handed back in on Microsoft Teams.

Wednesday's work should be completed on Teams. Your teacher will mark and return your work to you ready for Thursday's lesson.

Year 6 Writing - Thursday 14th January 2021 - To write a character description

Miss Hartley talks you through how to organise your character description and how to take your ideas from yesterday and put them together.

Thursday's work should be completed on teams. You should hand it in so your teacher can mark it and return it to you.

Friday 15th January 2021

Today, you need to edit and improve your character description and then publish it. 

We would love it if you could write it out neatly and some how include the illustration of Karl! You could also type it on a word document if you prefer.

Please send your work to your teacher so we can create a good work gallery on our Year Page!