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Year 3- 6.7.20 - Writing an alternative ending for Little Red Riding Hood.

L.I: To write an alternative ending to a story.


What normally happens in the Little Red Riding Hood story? Read through the story of little red riding hood. Think about the characters in the story. How would you describe them?

Draw each character and write some descriptive language around each character. Remember to include adjectives, similes and alliterations.


Recap the story of little red riding hood. Story map the main events of the story into 6 boxes. Remember to include key phrases and pictures to map out the story.

Think about how the story could have ended differently after she met the wolf.


Watch this alternative ending:

What else could have happened?

How is your story going to end?

Did the Wolf going to go a different way?

Did he get caught in a trap?

Was he going to find someone else?

Complete the last 3 boxes again for your story map with your different ending after she met the wolf.


Look at the WAGOLL and write up the first three paragraphs of your story using your story map.

Success criteria includes:

  • Use an alternative ending
  • Clear, organised paragraphs
  • Adjectives
  • Speech punctuated correctly



Finish the story by writing the last 3 paragraphs. Go through your work, to edit and improve writing.