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For World Book Day on the 4th March, we would like the children to dress up at home and have a great day loving reading!

To start things off, we will have a live Year 6 assembly at 9:30am, linking up with the children in Educare.  You will be able to show  off your amazing costumes to each other or, you would prefer not to dress up, bring a book along to share with your friends. 

After our meeting, the children can join the Bringing Reading to Life event at 10:30 - it will be about 30 minutes long.

For the rest of the day, we would like you to go BOOK BONKERS and try out some of the activities below! Make sure you send us pictures so we can create a class gallery and put you on our in-school reading displays. 

1) Book Baking

Have a go at creating some famous dishes from stories! Miss Hartley might have a go at baking Babar's ears! If your favourite book isn't on there, you could have a go at coming up with your own recipe or googling one - who wouldn't want to eat the dessert table at Halloween in Harry Potter?!

2) Book Front Cover

Book - check

Costume - check

Could you recreate the front cover for the book that has inspired your outfit? 

3) Movie Adaptation 

We know some of you are whizzes with technology so are you up for the challenge of making your own movie trailer for your book? Will it be an animation (cartoon) or a live action (real people)? What software will you use to edit it and put it together? Get your family involved too.


4) Short Ghost Story

Can you create fear and terror with only a few sentences like this one:


One night, a man woke up in a fright. He reached for the matches, to light a candle... and the matches were put into his hand.