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Activity 2 Make it!

Make it activity.


  1. We would like you do some research about a landmark in Paris. (We have already looked at quite a lot in school, so you could choose one of these to make life easier.
  2. Record some facts about it, in your own words, like we did from the Pebble in My Pocket book.
  3. Now, this is where the fun really starts: You may use anything you like, to make a model of your landmark.
  4. Take a photo of your model with you, or a label of your first name, to show who made it. We will put these on the website for you all to see. (N.B. Only send photos of yourself if you are allowed to be on the website!)
  5. In the past, children have made models from cardboard, paper, cake, biscuits, sticks or plasticine.

See what you can do!

Can you think of anything else that you could model out of?



Eiffel Tower examples to inspire you.