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Weekly writing task



This week we would like you to write a recount!


Recounts are non-fiction writing, what you are writing is true. Recounts tell the reader about something that has happened. The news is a good example of a recount.

For your writing this week, please write your half term news.

Please remember to start your sentences with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Don’t forget to leave finger spaces between words.


Here is an example to help you


I stayed at home. I did a picture of a cat. We watched a DVD, it was Harry Potter. It was exciting. I helped mummy bake some buns. They were yummy.

You might like to do some pictures to go with your story. Don't forget you can take a photo of your writing and send it to us and we will put it on our class webpage :)



Remember to put finger spaces between the words and use your phonics to have a really good go at spelling them correctly. Have fun.



Parents and carers, please don't write out the words for your child to copy. Instead encourage  them to say the word they want to write, then listen carefully to the sounds in that word, and finally choose the letters to make that sound - that's the way your child has been learning in school.