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Week one - 23rd March 2020


Ben Simmons is monitoring online learning for the remainder of this week. Please email him – 

This will change each week.

Make sure you have checked out the videos Miss Hartley has made below to support you in completing the learning this week.


Week One FAQs


Can my child write in the Maths textbooks? 

Yes they can be used to put jottings and workings in to support their thinking. 


My child has finished the timetabled learning for the day. What should they do now? 

There are some excellent links to learning sites in the additional learning section of the year 6 page. Also, Twinkl have an extensive bank of teaching and learning resources that have been made aviable to parents for free during the school closures. Visit and use the code UKTWINKLHELP to create your free acount and find resources related to the children's learning activities for the week.



Week One Timetable

Week One Timetable 1