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Spring 6th Jan - 22nd Jan Bake It!

Bake it! is about properties and changing materials.

Here are resources about it BBC Bitesize - Changing Materials


Week 1 (6.1) - Entry Point

Have a go at a GBBO Technical challenge.


Week 2 (11.1) - Evaporation and Condensation

In a sandwich bag, fill a quarter of it with water. Tape this to a window which faces the sun. Make sure it is sealed by the tape. Observe condensation and evaporation in action.


Week 3 (18.1) - Reversible and Irreversible reactions

Get a chocolate bar and melt it. Can you get solid chocolate back? How will you do it?

Get some popcorn kernels and make popcorn? Can you get the kernel back? 

After, sit down and enjoy a movie with your popcorn and chocolate!