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This week we will be looking at the chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis as well as a text linked to our topic on the Ancient Greeks. 

Any resources that will be required can be found at the bottom of this page or attached to the weekly timetable. 




Monday 6th July, 2020

Read through the Text, ‘The Magician’s nephew by CS Lewis and answer the questions.  Remember to use evidence in the text and pay attention to the words in bold!


Tuesday 7th July, 2020

Re-read the first paragraph up until the words, ‘shattered into several pieces’.  The author, CS Lewis has used descriptive language to bring an image to the reader’s mind.  Using your reading skills of skimming and scanning, draw the image that comes to your mind.  Remember, that is one of the great things about reading: the image in your head may be different from someone else’s depending on how they interpret the words.  Please send in your pictures so we can see how you have each ‘seen’ the picture in your mind, using the evidence in the text.

Wednesday 8th July, 2020

The Chronicles of Narnia were written in the 1950’s and set in earlier times. The use of English language has changed considerably since then.

Read through the text and find the following words:







Use an online dictionary  to help find a definition of these words and write these into the back of your writing book.  Make sure your definition is in context with the story extract.


Thursday 9th July, 2020

Today you are going to do some non- fiction reading linked to the Ancient Greeks.  You need to read through the text and then choose the correct answer.

Next, you need to create two of your own questions, using evidence from the text.  Try to use VIPERS and create 2 different types of questions.


Friday 10 July, 2020

Reading for Pleasure. 

  • Why not read one of the Narnia stories yourself or re-read an extract from your favourite one?
  • You may like to do some research on CS Lewis and find out a little about his life and what inspired him to write the stories.  Remember to check with an adult first before searching the internet.
  • You might like to listen to some audio extracts from one of the Narnia stories.  There are several sites which allow you to download the stories for free – but again please do this with an adult.
  • You may wish to see the film, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe on YouTube.

Today is Reading for Pleasure day - so your choice J