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Frequently Asked Questions


Please e-mail your child's teacher with any questions about their home learning.  We will check e-mails and respond via this page daily.  Samantha Lampard is monitoring the Year 1 home learning pages and responding to relevant queries at this time.  Contact:


Q: I have made my own timetable for my children's learning and have completed different pages than the ones set.  Is this ok?

A: The work we have set has been planned in order to consolidate and follow on from the learning we have been doing in school.  It would be beneficial for the children to complete the work we have set in order for them to have a deep understanding of key concepts and to allow us to ensure appropriate coverage of the curriculum.  However, if you choose to do this in a different order and/or complete different pages, this is not a problem at all.  Do what is best for your family at this time, we are here to support you.


Q: What is the exercise book for?

A: Each 'Home Learning Pack' contains an additional exercise book containing an A3 sheet of writing prompts.  In Year 1 we have been working really hard to produce pieces of extended writing.  Please support your child to choose one of the writing prompts and write some exciting sentences.  Encourage your child to say what they want to write out loud so they can then use their phonetic knowledge to sound out each word as they write.  Don't forget to use capital letters, fingers spaces, full stops and interesting adjectives!