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If you would like to share your writing from this week by either voice recording, video or writing up neat, speak to your parents and ask them to email Miss Hartley (

1. What did Yoda need to outrun the birds?

2. Where was Yoda strolling?

3. What did all the kids do when Yoda fell?

4. What can Yoda be while Luke is running?

5. What does Yoda love to do?

6. What or who is Yoda smacking with his stick?

7. What does Yoda put in Luke’s basket?

8. What does the word strolling mean?

9. What does Yoda mean when he say’s grove and boogie?

10. What does the word stank mean?

       a) a pleasant smell

       b) a bad smell

       c) a friendly gesture

       d) a sinking ship

11. What other word could be used instead of boulder?

1. What does bare necessities mean? 
2. What do you use to pick up with the claw? 
3. What will come to you?
4. Where ever I wonder where ever I….? 
5. What does he see under the rocks and plants? 
6. What's the boy's name?
1.What 3 things do people say about Mal ( purple girl )?
2.Where has Evie ( blue girl ) got mischief?
3.What are they rotten to?
4.Find 2 words which rhyme?
5.What is the past?
6.Where's the mirror?

Scary Story: The Lift by Nicholas

Here is Nicholas' scary story from week two of writing!