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Learning from home

We are sorry to hear that you are off school at the moment.  We look forward to seeing you back soon.

Here is the work to do at home in your Learning from Home books.  We can then mark the work when you come back.

Any problems please contact  


Reading Eggs: 1 lesson per day following the lessons that you are on. We will check these too to see how you are doing. (We are in the process of obtaining log-ins for Year 1 – until we have these please continue to use to access further reading material. You can also visit Http:// where there are some free games to practice your phonics.


You will be working through lessons from Oak Academy.

Click on the links below to take you to each lesson.  Please use your ‘Learning from Home’ book to write in.

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Day 9

Day 10


We will be sending home Maths workbooks to complete. Please complete 1 page each day.



Our current IPC topic is ‘The Circus is coming to Town’.


The Big Idea

The circus has evolved from the chariot races that took place in Roman cities at the time of the Roman Empire, to the spectacular theatrics we enjoy today with acrobats, clowns, dance, music and arts from around the world all being celebrated at the circus.


Please see below four home learning activities that your child can complete:




PE - teach yourself a new skill


Design some decorations to go inside the big top at the circus! 


This could be bunting, streamers, paper chains, and posters for the performers at the circus….


You could also work with an adult to create a tasty treat for audience at the circus like some clown biscuits!



Find out about a famous circus from history.


You can show your research on paper, on a PowerPoint, through art work. However you choose!


Simple plotting on a map: The circus is travelling across the world!

 Where will it go? What places will it visit?


Can you show this on a map?


Teach yourself a brand new circus skill.


Can you learn to juggle? Use a diablo, walk a tightrope and practice your balance…