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IPC (International Primary Curriculum)

Our topic is Bake it! 

It is about the properties of materials and changes of state. There are two lessons and adult supervision will be needed at certain points. The following materials will be required: freezer bag, water, tape, yeast and sugar. If these materials are not available, there are other tasks children can do instead. 

This week you may find the following BBC Bitesize videos helpful for your learning:

BBC - Solids, liquids and gases.

BBC - Changing materials.

Year 6 IPC - Lesson 1 - Bake it - To make observations

Miss Hartley introduces you to our new topic, Bake it!, and gives you ideas on tasks you can complete at home to see evaporation and condensation in action!

Year 6 IPC - Lesson 2 - Bake it - To conduct a fair test

Adult supervision will be needed. Miss Hartley talks about the properties of gases and gives you information on how to conduct your own experiment with yeast...

If you do not have the resources needed for the yeast experiment or you would like to do another experiment, check out the video below.

You can use any left over yeast to make some bread too!

Blowing up a Balloon with Yeast Experiment

8-yr old boy experiment blowing up a balloon using yeast.