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IPC (International Primary Curriculum)

You have two science tasks to complete this week. You may also wish to explore the BBC Bitesize page for Changing Materials. It has useful information in small chunks!

Here are some that are relevant to this week:

        Dissolving          Insoluble and soluble          What is separation?           Separating mixtures

                        What are irreversible changes?          Chemical reactions when cooking   

                                               Perfect temperature to make fudge and toffee


Year 6 IPC - Monday 18th January - To conduct a fair test

For this task, you have an assignment to complete by the end of the week on Microsoft Teams.

Year 6 IPC - Thursday 21st January - Exit point

For this task, pictures of your snacks can be shared on Microsoft Teams or, if you'd like them to be shared on the website, ask you adults to email them in.