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Year 2 IPC - 25.01.21 Houses Around The World

This week, our focus is going to be on Geography. We will be looking at different houses around the world. Watch the video to find out more information about this and then click on the world map underneath this video to see if you can locate some of the countries mentioned in this video.

Year 2 IPC - 28.01.21 To Research a Type of House From Around The World

A short video to introduce today's task. We would like you to research a type of house from around the world. You could find out about igloos, stilt houses, mud houses etc. Remember to stay safe when you are researching online. I have attached some documents and a child friendly search engine as a starting point below the video. Present your research in any way you would like and remember to email it to your class teacher so that we can see your wonderful work!