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International Primary Curriculum

Our intention at Stoke Damerel Primary Academy is to deliver a curriculum that will create internationally minded learners who will succeed in the 21st century.  We want our pupils to Dream Big and to know that they are able to access opportunities and learning not just from where they live but from anywhere. 


The IPC provides a cross-curricular teaching structure designed to engage children of all abilities.  It provides a framework for broadening pupil’s knowledge in a range of subject areas. We have successfully integrated the IPC with the National Curriculum to ensure our pupils meet statutory requirements in a creative and stimulating way.  


In a rapidly changing world the need for transferable skills and a deep understanding of human qualities is becoming increasingly apparent. The development of personal goals is built into the design of the IPC and is reinforced through our Learning League and PSHE curriculum. 


The IPC is a topic-based series of units of work which cover all areas of Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Society, Technology, PE and numerous other points of interest and learning. The progressive, sequenced and coherently planned curriculum design is one which, at its roots, starts with the child at the centre and, by the end of the children's time in Year 6, is very much focused outwards, with children having a great awareness of the history that has led us to where we are today, and the global responsibilities that being a citizen of the future brings. It is an ambitious curriculum, wide-ranging in its topic areas and ensures that every child covers all aspects of the National Curriculum as well as numerous other areas of study and interest. 


Each topic starts with an ‘entry point’ that is designed to capture children’s imagination about the learning ahead. Regular trips, immersive topic days, visits from experts and people in the local community further enhance the learning experience. Where relevant, these teachers plan lessons and projects that are linked closely to the current topic in English or mathematics in order to build upon and transfer pupil knowledge, skills and attitudes. Making meaningful links to English and providing regular writing opportunities through the IPC ensures that children’s reading and writing skills are continually developed throughout the school day. Each topic culminates in an ‘exit’ activity which provides children with a chance to celebrate and reflect on the learning that has taken place.