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Say hello to my new friends!

Just thought I would pop on here and say Hi.  I also wanted you to meet the newest members of the Ellis family!  They are called HeiHei (the white one), Rosie (the golden one) and Belle (the darker one).  They arrived yesterday and live in our back garden.

HeiHei is named after the silly chicken in Moana.  She is not quite as silly, but she did try to climb underneath her house yesterday so is quite a daft chicken really!

Penny Dog isn't sure whether she should chase them or make friends.  As she does like to chase invisible birds in the garden I think the chasing is more likely.

Hopefully these lovely girls will give us lots of eggs, I can then cook some yummy cakes!

missing you all, Mrs Ellis

Dear Friends,

We hope you've had a good first week of home learning. It has been very different for all of us especially going into a very quiet school.

We hope you have worked hard and had lots of fun doing so. You may have even helped around the house (just like my dog Penny who wants to join in as much as she can!) Thank you to all of you who have sent me pictures!

We will now be having a 2 week break for Easter. Put your workbooks away and spend time relaxing and playing. Take a look at your Year group page for some Easter activities if you want to, and don't forget the Easter challenge

Have a lovely break and look after each other. Speak to you soon! 


Mrs Ellis and Penny Dog!

Here are your timetables for the next few weeks.  Click on your timetable to see what you have to do each week.

The answers can also be found below.

Each week I have set some reading for you to do as well.  There are links to a shared book; which you can read together with an adult or listen to the audio and then complete the activities.  The independent reading book is a book that you should read on your own, you can then show your adult what we do in our phonics sessions and teach them all about speed sounds, green words and red words.

Adults will need to register you on the Oxford Owl website, which will then give you access to 100s of ebooks and activities.


Any problems, please email me