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Your weekly homework tasks are posted below. The main part of your homework will be based off Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars and Reading Eggs which you can access on the Home Learning page. There are also parent support videos to help you and your parents.

You can visit Helping Your Child at Home to help support your learning, delve a little bit deeper into a subject or quench your thirst for knowledge!

IPC Extension Task

Our topic for the second Spring half term is called 'It's Shocking'. Over this unit, the children will learn about electricity and energy through several different subjects - science, history, technology and gaining an international perspective. Please find a range of activities that you might like to complete at home to extend the children's learning. 


1. Science - Generate some questions that you have about electricity and research the answers. Make a poster of your findings. Some examples of questions are: Where does the electricity in our homes come from? How do I stay safe in a thunderstorm? Why don't birds get electrocuted when they sit on power cables? Remember to stay safe when searching online - visit our 'Online Safety' page for more information.


2. History - Research how people used to live before electricity was created. What did they do when they needed their rooms to light? How did they cook their food? How did they make a cup of tea? How did they dry their hair? Present your findings however you would like to: poster, powerpoint or writing. Remember to stay safe when searching online - visit our 'Online Safety' page for more information.


3. International - What ways do we use electricity at home? Do we sometimes waste this electricity? List all of the ways that we use electricity in our homes and schools. Then think of ways that we can help save that energy. For instance, we have lights in our classroom and we must make sure that we turn them off when we leave the room.