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General FAQs

General: FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What is the time length for activities?

The work in the booklets vary and might be completed fairly quickly by some children.  The answers are in the back of the  GPS books, so you can see if their answers are correct and full enough. The maths and reading answers for y3 will be uploaded. Please mark and then get them to make a few corrections, without looking at the answers, and then recheck and discuss anything still not understood. 

The y3 writing tasks should take at least half an hour, but not as long as a full lesson in class,  because they are not getting all the input activities and discussions that we would normally do. Ask, have they included enough detail,  used a range of word types,  included their targets and used powerful vocabulary?


Is there a list of recommended reading books?

You can access a range of ebooks online though Oxford Owl (link below in main section) which are organised into reading age. You will need to set up an account then go to the Home page, select Reading, select ebook library, select the age appropriate to your child’s reading ability, select the book band level to find books that are appropriate. There are also links to buy other ebooks in the books section.

What else can we do for reading?

There is a link attached above to listen to David Walliams reading a different story each day. These are approximately 15 minutes long.


Click on the link to the 500 words competition and they can read the stories on there. This will help with writing their own stories too, as they are good examples of children's writing.