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FAQ from Friday's Emails

Q: What are the workings for question d on page 64 of the maths; where the angle is 8 degrees more?


A: The reasoning behind the question is that you need to know that there are 90 degrees in the whole right angle, so you need to find two angles that equal 90, where G is 8 degrees greater than H. Therefore the only possible answer is 49 and 41. The best method to get this is trial and error, where the children should use their knowledge of numbers to find an appropriate place to start. Eg they should know 45+45=90 so that would be the place to start as there’s only an 8 degree difference. They could use the idea of splitting the 8 between the two angles, taking four from 45 for H and adding 4 to 45 for G.

Q: My child will have completed everything by the end of today but not sure if anything needs to be handed in. Do we need to show you via email / photo or do you trust us?
A: You should have all of the answers to self-mark the work at home.  We do not need to see any proof.  We are just pleased that you can access it all.  
However, if you are interested, there are other activities and things to look at on the Year 5 - Week 1 Home Learning - Support Materials page.  Each clip and activity links with what has been covered in the text books this week.
You could also take a look at the pages with the reading comprehension answers on for some ideas of extra activities you could complete related to each text.