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WB 16.11.20

Anti- Bullying Week 

This week we made a poster on the laptops for anti bullying. We are writing because we want you to stop people bullying.  STOP means Several Times on Purpose.  When bullies bully you, don't bully them back, then it might happen each time you meet each other.  Stop doing unkind stuff or you will be a bully.  If someone bullies you, tell your teacher or your family.  If you get bullied, please tell a grown up.  If you are a bully, you will not have any friends because people will be scared of you... so stop being a bully.

We want kind people in our school and we really look after each other in our classes.


By Noah and Dominik

WB 16.11.20 

Island Life - our entry point 

This week we started our new IPC unit Island Life.  We tried some island fruit.  Some of us ate the fruit and others didn't.  After we ate our fruit we wrote down our favourite fruit in our IPC book.  We looked at different islands and asked questions about them.  We wondered how islands were made and how animals got on the island.

We used a see, think, wonder sheet, to see what we knew already.  Before we learnt new things about islands, we wrote everything we already knew on post its.  We made posters about the things we knew already about island life.  We learned how to survive in a shipwreck on an island surrounded by water.  We listened to calm and not calm music - we liked both!  

We are looking forward to learning more...


Gabriella and Lily 

Week beginning 9.11.20

Three people drew a picture of a solider and lots of people drew poppies. We did word searches about Remembrance Day.

A lot of people did activities all about Remembrance Day. At 11 o’clock we were silent for 1 minute because soldiers died in war to save us.

We learnt about red and purple poppies. Poppies are to remember soldiers that die at war. Poppies grew after world war 1.

Remembrance Day is on November the 11. Purple poppies are for the animals that died in war and animals that died because of war. Poppies are worn on the 11 of November. We saw a power point about Remembrance Day and learnt some new things about Remembrance Day.  Poppies are for people who fought in war.

By Marlow and Daisie



Week beginning 07.09.2020

It has been great to see our wonderful children back at school this week.  Here are some messages from Wonderland Class.



I worked hard in maths and Read Write Inc. this week.  It was good to see my friends. 


Casey, Lily and Ava M

We been doing lots of reading already - which we have really enjoyed.  Our maths was fun and we really enjoyed being back with our friends.  We are happy to be back in school.