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Week beginning 14th September

We have been having even more fun exploring the forest school area this week. We all had a go at making 'sticky nature bracelets' (even Miss Smith had fun making one). We searched for different natural materials in the area and then used double-sided sticky tape to stick them to a bracelet band. Children used flowers that they found, grass, autumnal leaves, bits of stick, rocks and even a snail shell!


We also had lots of fun in PE this week. The children had to solve a bit of a mystery! They were given a list of equipment that they needed, a diagram and some picture clues. We worked out that it was an obstacle course! The children then needed to make the course and decide the rules for the game. The children all worked really well as a team. Look at our class gallery page to see some of the photos. 

Week beginning 7th September

What a week it has been! All the children (and adults!) have been excited to get back to school and settle into our new routines. 


We have spent lots of time in the forest school area this week. The children have had lots of fun exploring the area. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we made mandalas out of natural resources from the forest school area. The children created some beautiful mandalas! Some of the materials that the children found and used to make their creations included sticks, different coloured leaves, flowers, berries and grass.