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Autumn 12th Oct - 23rd Oct Being Human

Being Human is our topic where we explore the different systems in the human body and how to stay healthy. 

Here are resources from BBC Bitesize - Human Body.


Week 1 (12.10) - The Systems

Research a system in the body and create a labelled diagram or a model of it.

Nervous, Skeletal, Muscular, Digestive, Circulatory or Respiratory. 


Week 2 (19.10) - Impacts on our health

Research how the environment can cause a negative impact on your health/one of the systems. An example would be pollution on the respiratory system.


Half term (26.10)

If you have been in school the previous week, you would have learnt what nutrition each system in your body needs to survive and the importance of exercise. For you half term project do one or both of the following:

1) Design, create and cook and healthy meal for you and your family. Adult supervision and assistance should be given where needed.

2) Have a go at PE with Joe Wicks or another home workout. Design your own work out and encourage your family to join in with you. 

Please send pictures and videos to Jennie Hartley ( so we can create a virtual assembly.