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Autumn 14th Sept - 9th Oct Out of Africa

Out of Africa is the title of our topic on Evolution and Inheritance. Here is a guide of home projects you can complete at home. 

Here are resources from BBC Bitesize - Adaption, Inheritance and Evolution.


Week 1 (14.9) - Life began in the sea

Create a flip book of how life in the sea evolved from simple creatures to the more complex seafaring animals we know today.


Week 2 (21.9) - Dinosaurs

With parental permissions, watch the first Jurassic Park. Listen carefully when they explain how they could create dinosaurs. After, research whether Jurassic Park is scientifically correct!


Week 3 (28.9) - Humans

Watch an episode of BBC Primates and observe the animals. Decide which primate is most similar to humans and why. Create a portrait with half the face human and the other half the primate you think we are most similar to.


Week 4 (5.10) - Evolution now

Use the WWF Endangered Species list and select an animal. Look at what is threatening the animal's survival and think about which adaptations the animal will need to acquire to survive. Create a comic strip showing the gradual changes it will experience.