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Charging and remissions policy

Stoke Damerel Primary
Charges & Remission Policy
This document was approved by the Governing Body on 18/05/15
This policy will be reviewed by the Governing Body during the Spring term each year.
The Governors endorse the principle that the school's curriculum should be available to every child and his or her access to it should not be limited by the imposition of charges.
This policy aims to make the provision of visits and activities accessible to as many pupils as possible and, where charges are levied, that they will be easily understood and fair.
The basic principles of State Education is that education for registered pupils in L.A. schools should be free of charge.
  • if it takes place in school hours
  • if it is out of school hours but is required as part of a syllabus for a prescribed examination part of the National Curriculum or as part of statutory religious education.
However, charges may be made for instrumental music tuition to individuals or to small groups of no more than four pupils unless the above applies with respect of examinations and the National Curriculum.
No charge will be made, in accordance with the legislation, for board and lodgings to those pupils whose parents are on Job Seekers Allowance when they take part in a residential visit deemed to be in school hours or where it is part of a prescribed syllabus, or of the National Curriculum.
Charges may be made by the school for:-
  • entry fee for examinations, e.g. music, where this is not part of the school syllabus within the National Curriculum.
  • travel, board and lodging costs, subject to statutory exceptions, will be charged on residential trips.
  • charges will be made for visits that are wholly or mainly outside school hours.
  • on occasions parents may be asked for voluntary contributions towards the cost of materials in practical lessons e.g. sewing, cooking. In these circumstances, parents will be asked in advance whether they wish to take possession of the finished article and advised of its cost.
  • where damage is deliberately caused to school property or equipment by bad behaviour etc. a reasonable charge toward the repair or replacement can be made.
  • voluntary contributions may be invited for visits which take place in school time, but no pupil will be excluded from the visit because he or she is unable to contribute to it. The school may cancel a visit for which contributions have been invited if the level of contributions fails to reach that which is required.
Where charges are to be made in accordance with this policy, parents will be notified of the charges in advance. Monies may be paid, where appropriate, by instalments for which a payment card will be issued.
Monies collected for day trips will be paid to the class teacher who will record payment on a class sheet. A receipt will be issued to the class teacher for the class total when collected. No receipt will normally be issued to parents unless requested
Where monies are collected for residential visits, a receipt will be issued to parents (when all money has been paid).
In cases where children are likely to be unable to attend because of cost, a remission of charge might be considered.
  1. All applications will be considered on their individual merit.
  1. Applications must be made, in writing, to the Headteacher in advance of the visit or trip. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  1. For children whose parents are in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, statutory rights exist in relation to certain charge elements for residential visits in school            hours or where the activity is part of the National Curriculum. These children will also have priority for any remissions beyond these statutory rights.
  1. Remission for residential visits will apply to the board and lodgings element only. Travel costs will be unaffected.
  1. Remission for music will apply to the cost of tuition element only. Cost of hire will be unaffected.
General subsidy of fees may be possible through the School Association upon request of the school. This will apply to all children and not the individuals. The committee of the School Association will decide when and at what level this will be possible.
The amount of remission will depend on amount of budget available. Total remission of fees will only apply for statutory entitlements.
All charges will be total charges and, once set, no extra charge will be made.

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